What People Say About Our Programs!
“Poonam Gupta’s Teacher training through Yoga Gyan Jyoti helped me to achieve the dream of becoming a real yoga teacher and learn the amazing Knowledge. I learned history, philosophy, anatomy and for sure asanas or poses. All this in a very friendly peaceful and non competitive atmosphere. I feel very lucky to have Poonam as my teacher. I will always remember her in every class I teach…”
–Joumana Mansour

“…a life changing experience. I expected a lot, and have received much more. The whole experience has been above my expectations. Poonam’s teaching skills are excellent and very personal. One of her strong suits is her ability to teach at a very caring level, along with a way to transfer not only what she has learned, but her life and way of life as a yogi and spiritual teacher. Thanks again.
–John Mahoney, Yogi in training.

“This Course provides a holistic approach to learning yoga. All of the physical, mental and spiritual elements are thoroughly addressed in an open and approachable way.”
–Karlene Stecher, Graduate of Yoga Gyan Jyoti 200 Level Program

“This program was truly a life transforming experience.”
–Kristin Perkins, Graduate of Yoga Gyan Jyoti 200 Level Program.

“I am learning a great deal from Poonam and the course material. Some is familiar and other new. All valuable. It’s so good to learn more and get a deeper understanding- so much to learn!”
–Rita Meirs Eryt 200, a yoga teacher who Mentored in the program

“I love the class. I wish I could get more. It’s always interesting and challenging, never boring. Always seems too short, there is so much to learn…” “I am going through major changes in my life, adjusting and healing- emotionally and physically and the yoga training has helped tremendously”
–Ana Maria

“I think Poonam is an awesome teacher. I hope you remain patient because I will get better and better and your wisdom and teaching will blossom into a great yogini”
–Sharon Hartley, current student.

“Maybe twelve years ago I tried to practice yoga but it was not a good experience. I thought  yoga wasn’t for me.   Last year I developed problems  in my back, my hands and fingers. My Ayurveda doctor recommended that I try some yoga postures. I signed up instead for the yoga teacher training. I discovered that yoga is for everyone.
Poonam gupta is a very good teacher and has helped me tremendously. She is always concerned about my progress. I am very happy doing this and I encourage you to do the training…”

–Silvia Montiel