500 Level Training

500 level-Information Packet 2017

Application for Teacher Training

Welcome to the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program at the 500 level offered by Yoga Gyan Jyoti, Center for Yoga and Ayurveda, also known as Universal Spirit Yoga in Naperville, Illinois.
Yoga teachers who want to improve their teaching skills and master their knowledge are invited to join this in-depth, intensive and authentic training program. The program is well structured to address common imbalances in the body at the physical, structural and energetic levels.

Module System: The program is divided into eleven modules. The classes meet on Thursdays and some weekends. Students are required to attend all modules and fulfill all other homework and teaching requirements to receive certification. In this program, students will enhance their understanding of yoga as a therapeutic science. They will have an opportunity to study Ayurveda and energy healing along with therapeutic yoga. This program provides over 300 hours of study.

During each training session students will study with a master teacher in a particular discipline. The knowledge base from these disciplines will help the trainees to become more well-versed in the art of healing when applied in relation to yogic practices. Students will explore traditional yoga poses, modifications & adjustment for different physical challenges and anatomy of poses. They will also learn how to bring balance or ease to the body and mind by following Ayurvedic principles.Trainees will have an opportunity to study these along with Mudras and Mantras. Yoga philosophy will be discussed in great detail to help students capture the essence of yoga.

Our esteemed faculty includes:  Jerry Becker (Energy Healer, ayurveda educator), ManMohan Shukla (Author, Leadership Coach and Founder of Psycho Somatic Behaviour Reinforcement Cycle) and others. Poonam Gupta, Author, ERYT 500 and Ayurveda & Panchakarma Therapist is the Director of the program and will be teaching the modules on Ayurveda, Sanskrit, philosophy and teaching methodology.

The program includes an optional trip to India. This is to help students immerse themselves in the yogic culture and to enhance their understanding of this ancient tradition. In addition, students will have many occasions to visit and meet with some of the yoga gurus in India.

Classes are starting March 9, 2017 and will be held on Thursdays.rys500_highres