Cancer Care Yoga Teacher Training

Cancer has become rampant and yoga teachers are constantly faced with situations where they need to adjust or modify a pose for a student because of many cancer-related issues. Yoga teachers need to understand the how and why of sequencing classes for people affected by cancer to ensure that the classes are both safe and effective.

This 50 hours of training educates yoga teachers about different types of cancer, cancer treatments and their side effects and provides teachers with tools to help students alleviate physical discomfort or limitations through modified asana practice. We will provide techniques to deal with emotional challenges through pranayama, mudras, meditation and yoga nidra. We will discuss the implications of lymphedema, neuropathy, bone loss, cancer-related fatigue, anxiety and the many other conditions that can occur after a cancer diagnosis. This training will cover Ayurvedic and yogic approaches to cancer care, as well as current research on yoga, meditation and cancer.

This training is spread over two 16-hour weekends and requires 12 additional hours of home study and internship.

Cancer Care Yoga TT information packet

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